Alan Leak, M.Div., M.A.

For some of us, life is pretty much a straightforward process. We are reasonably comfortable with who we are and what we are about. Even our personal struggles fit into some kind of meaningful pattern. Doubts and confusion may arise from time to time, but an underlying meaning or purpose sustains us.

For others of us, life is not so straightforward. Coping with the fast pace and complexity of life may find us straining to pull up the energy just to make it through each day. Illness or family problems may cause additional stress. We may feel a creeping sense of weariness with life, a sense that life is just too hard and not much fun. Even though we desire it, we're not sure our lives fit into a meaningful pattern.

If you are contemplating the meaning or purpose of your life, the Purpose of Life Inventory may be of value to you. It is intended to evaluate your progress and inspire further progress in the realization of your life purpose.

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